Esprit Benefits

A Complete ACA-Compliant Employer Solutions firm

Esprit Benefits is a Veteran-Owned and operated company. We know what it is like to minimize risk. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our company, from the way we interact with our clients and employees, to the quality of the products / services we deliver.

Who and What

Esprit Benefits is an Employee Benefits and Healthcare Strategy Firm.

The changing employee benefits industry combined with the challenges presented in unique business specific industries require an intelligent strategy. Long gone are the days of a 1000 PPO “one size fits all” plan. Esprit Benefits designs benefit strategies with core competencies in mind, in turn, bridging the gap between Healthcare, Benefits and Administration.


Esprit Benefits was formed due to a need. The need to have an intelligent strategy behind, what could be, one of the top 3 most important factors of your business. To be candid, If executed poorly, an employee benefits strategy has the potential to cost you – The Employer – a large sum of money. Money in the form of time and actual hard dollars.


The delivery of Healthcare from a network, facility and claims management view point have an impact on your employee benefits strategy. The two must work hand in hand. Esprit Benefits has access to programs across the country with the knowledge and expertise to deliver these solutions to you and your employees.
The Esprit Benefits team is founded on the belief that 100% transparency, long-term reliability, and timely execution will ensure a strong and lasting partnership.

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